Passive wireless temperature monitoring system technology exchange meeting

2011/5/19 16:22:08  view Category:Company News

Based on surface acoustic wave (SAW) technology, passive wireless sensor in power equipment operation temperature on-line monitoring system for the application of the technology exchange meeting, on May 18, 2011 at 10 o 'clock meeting room in guangdong province electric power company.

Participate in the meeting with guangdong province electric power company leaders at all levels and the power industry technical experts, chengdu kang information technology co., LTD general manager and technical manager, and from the United States SENGENUITY company's technical director Dr Colin and other foreign experts.

The main contents of the meeting are as follows:
1. First, the relevant information of chengdu saikang information technology co., LTD.
2. Briefly introduced the development background of power industry, and emphasized the importance of ensuring the safe operation of power equipment.
3. Comparing the SAW technology with the traditional temperature measurement technology, the application advantages of SAW technology are highlighted.
4. Introduced the working principle of SAW products, application cases in China and installation and maintenance specifications.
5. Display of SAW products on site.
6. Free questions at the site, and I have made detailed solutions.

7. Finally, I made a summary of the whole meeting.

Related technical personnel to the SAW product detailed explanation:

The two sides actively participated in the discussion of SAW technology:

The meeting of passive wireless temperature monitoring system application in the electric power industry and promotion has played a positive role in promoting, at the same time also promote the further development of the technology of power industry, and strengthen the cooperation and win-win between the kang science and technology industry.