Passive wireless temperature sensing series product technology exchange meeting

2011/4/19 16:07:09  view Category:Company News

At 10:30 am on April 18, 2011,SCOM passive wireless temperature sensing series products technology exchange meeting was held in sichuan province electric power company meeting room, to attend the meeting with sichuan province electric power company production technology of relevant leaders and experts, chengdu kang information technology co., LTD general manager, technical guidance Dr Colin SENGENUITY companies in the United States and assistant Chen, and so on.

The conference mainly made a detailed report on the no-source wireless temperature measurement system of the switchboard, and compared with the traditional temperature measuring equipment, which highlighted the following advantages of our company's temperature measurement products:
1. No source wireless, no electromagnetic, product installation is safe and convenient.
2. It is not easy to age, the products are free of pollution, adapt to different environments, and live longer.
3. The product has no potential difference and is more cost-effective, and is free from electromagnetic interference.

This not only aroused the strong interest of provincial power company leaders, but also gained their full affirmation. In the process of communication meeting, we launched a detailed discussion on product technology problems and provincial power company leaders are technical problems put forward some valuable opinions and Suggestions, also let the game to me, have a better understanding of how science and technology and products, and for future cooperation between the two sides have laid a solid foundation.

People are interested in passive wireless temperature sensing devices:

Professor Colin introduced the product in detail: